The Ashes, 2019

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The ashes 2019 is going to begin from 01 August 2019 in England. The ashes is one of the oldest and fiercely cricket series of cricket world. It has been since 1882 when the first test match played between England and Australia. The ashes is played every year between England and Australia.


This ashes 2019 is going to be very interesting as all times. Discussion of Ashes 2019 has increased significantly since the end of the World Cup. This discussion increased when England beat Australia by a huge margin of 8 wickets in a semi-final match of the World Cup and kicked out from the world cup.

Last ashes series (2017-18) was hosted by the Aussies and the Australian team beat the Visitors (English Team) by 4-0 under the captaincy of Steve Smith. In which Australian captain Steve Smith became the highest run-scorer throughout the five matches ashes series. He made 687 runs in 5 test with the awesome average of 137.40. While the Australian pace bowler became the leading wicket-taker throughout the series he took 23 wickets.

This gonna be really interesting to see whether the Australian side retains the Ashes 2019 or the English team will take the record forward of that the no visiting team has won the series since 2014-15.

During the five test match and duration of six weeks, former Australian skipper Steve Waugh is additionally expected to go with the Australian side. The experience that Steve brings to the company may prove to be useful for the Australians. Waugh himself has lifted the lofty Ashes urn for Multiple (eight) times.

Ashes 2019, Fixtures:-

1st Test, 01-05 August at Edgbaston, Birmingham

2nd Test, 14-18 August at Lord's, London

3rd Test, 22–26 August 2019 at Headingley, Leeds

4th Test, 4–8 September 2019 at Old Trafford, Manchester

5th Test, 12–16 September 2019 at The Oval, London

This was the talk about the ashes 2019 and 2017-18 but you know how this ashes series means? and how it was started and how this becomes the oldest and fiercely rivalry of cricket?

Let's take a look of it-

This hostility started in 1882 when Australia registered the first Test match triumph in England soil at Oval, which was a low scoring match in which Australia batted first and scored 63 runs in their first innings, in the revert of Australia's 63 runs England team He scored 101 runs and took 38 runs lead in the first innings.

Then Australia's team scored 122 runs with the help of Hugh Massie's 55 runs on just 60 balls after England's team had to score just 85 runs to win but Fred Spofforth, for Australia, took 4 wickets of England, which helped Australia's team won their first Test match on English soil.

After that England media wrote a lot about that match in which they wrote the Australian team's praise and criticized the England team. Not only this but a newspaper of Britain, The Sporting Times, wrote the term obituary after the defeat of English team and the term obituary stated that English cricket had passed away and the "the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia". After that England captain, Ivo Bligh vowed to "regain those ashes".

After that, in 1882-83, the England team went on a tour of Australia to play in the 3 test match Ashes series, in which England won two matches and won the series as well.

After which a Women Group in Melbourne, including the wife of the Ivo Bligh (Florence Morphy), awarded an urn to the England captain, in which there were the ashes of Wooden Bails and was humorously described as "the ashes of Australian cricket"

After winning the tour of Australia By the England team and his skipper Ivo Bligh, the word "Ashes" disappeared for 20 years and this series was not called by this name at least not in England. But the word was come in the hype again in Australia when George Giffen, mentioned it in his Autobiography (With Bat and Ball).

After that Pelham Warner, in 1903, went for a tour of Australia with his team to play ashes and promises the British media that he would "regain the Ashes" as a Bligh has done 20 years ago, on this, the Australian media criticized and wrote many things.

But all of these did not have any effect on Warner, and once again England's team defeated Australia in the Ashes, after which Warner Published a book and gave the title of the book is, "How We Recovered the Ashes" though this name was not anywhere in the book it was only Australia's revive public interest in the legend.

This is how this rivalry beguns and For this reason, this rivalry continues even today and this series is known as "The Ashes."

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Ashes Overall Winning Records:-

The Ashes (England in Australia)1882/83England2-1 (3)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1884England1-0 (3)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1884/85England3-2 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1886England3-0 (3)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1886/87England2-0 (2)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1887/88England1-0 (1)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1888England2-1 (3)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1890England2-0 (2)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1891/92Australia2-1 (3)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1893England1-0 (3)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1894/95England3-2 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1896England2-1 (3)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1897/98Australia4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1899Australia1-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1901/02Australia4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1902Australia2-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1903/04England3-2 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1905England2-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1907/08Australia4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1909Australia2-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1911/12England4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1912England1-0 (3)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1920/21Australia5-0 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1921Australia3-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1924/25Australia4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1926England1-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1928/29England4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1930Australia2-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1932/33England4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1934Australia2-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1936/37Australia3-2 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1938drawn1-1 (4)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1946/47Australia3-0 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1948Australia4-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1950/51Australia4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1953England1-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1954/55England3-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1956England2-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1958/59Australia4-0 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1961Australia2-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1962/63drawn1-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1964Australia1-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1965/66drawn1-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1968drawn1-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1970/71England2-0 (7)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1972drawn2-2 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1974/75Australia4-1 (6)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1975Australia1-0 (4)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1977England3-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1978/79England5-1 (6)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1981England3-1 (6)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1982/83Australia2-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1985England3-1 (6)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1986/87England2-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1989Australia4-0 (6)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1990/91Australia3-0 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1993Australia4-1 (6)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1994/95Australia3-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)1997Australia3-2 (6)
The Ashes (England in Australia)1998/99Australia3-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)2001Australia4-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)2002/03Australia4-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)2005England2-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)2006/07Australia5-0 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)2009England2-1 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)2010/11England3-1 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)2013England3-0 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)2013/14Australia5-0 (5)
The Ashes (Australia in England)2015England3-2 (5)
The Ashes (England in Australia)2017/18Australia4-0 (5)