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List of International cricket teams:-

How these International Cricket Teams Formed?

As you all know, only a few countries used to play cricket in earlier times, but the popularity of cricket has increased in the last few years due to which many countries have created their national cricket teams after register with the ICC and start play cricket.

There is a huge role of ICC. The ICC promoted this game in many countries where this game has not been played, even they had not their cricket teams as well.

but after the ICC promoted this game, the game started playing in all the countries where this game was not played much and due to which cricket became one of the most popular sports in the world.

If we talk of today’s time, then there is more than 100 cricket teams are registered in the ICC.

Now, as an increase in the popularity of the game so different countries introduced their national cricket teams and registered with the governing body of cricket that is ICC.

As the no. of cricket teams increases the fan following also increases and fans started to follow their favorite country closely and intrigue to know more about their favorite cricket team.

So that’s why cricdeck comes with the solution. Here on this page, you will get the list of the International cricket team and if you want to get information about your favorite cricket teams so just click on any team name and you will find the profile of your favorite cricket team.

But let me tell you how these teams formed and associated with the governing body of Cricket ICC and how ICC was formed in the initial days of cricket ?:-

The International Cricket Council (ICC) was established at Lord’s on 15 June 1909 as the Imperial Cricket Conference, with Australia, England, and South Africa as its establishing individuals.

First and foremost, just nations inside the Commonwealth could join. These individuals were then joined by India, New Zealand, and the West Indies in 1926 and later by Pakistan in 1953.

In 1961, South Africa leave because of their leaving the Commonwealth, yet they kept on playing Test cricket until their global outcast in 1970.

The Imperial Cricket Conference was renamed the International Cricket Conference in 1965, with new standards allowing nations from outside the Commonwealth to be chosen into the administering body for the first time.

The standard changes presented a hierarchy with two classifications of membership:

Full Members:- Full Members are the governing bodies for cricket in a nation or a group of related nations representing to a topographical region. Every single Full Member reserve a privilege to send one representative cricket team to play official Test matches and also have the privilege of voting in the meetings of the ICC. Likewise, every Full Member countries are automatically able to play ODIs and T20Is

Associate Members:- These are those countries where cricket is strongly established and arranged but don’t eligible for the Full Members. But all these nations/ cricket teams are able to play the ICC World cricket league.

Any new individual chose for the governing body must be an Associate Member, with the likelihood of later being promoted to a Full Member dependent on current performance in the worldwide competitions. That year, Fiji and the USA turned into the primary Associate Member nations.

In 1981, Sri Lanka turned into the first Associate Member as a Full Member, restoring the quantity of Test-playing countries to seven. In 1989, the ICC was again renamed, this opportunity to International Cricket Council.

South Africa was re-elected as a Full Member to the ICC in 1991 and Zimbabwe was chosen in 1992.

After the eight years, the next full member (Bangladesh) was chosen in 2000. On 22 June 2017, Ireland and Afghanistan were conceded Full Member and Test status, increase the number of Full Members to 12.

Starting on 22 June 2017, there are 105 ICC associates, with 12 Full Members and 93 Associate Members.

The Membership Committee will think about every single future request for enrollment – full and associate – against a target set of criteria. There was beforehand a third level, Affiliate Membership, which was expelled in June 2017 with all past Affiliate Members getting to be Associate Members.

So, that is how these top ten or twelve cricket team was formed.