ICC Test Ranking

Here you will get the ICC Test Ranking of  (Team, Batsmen, Bowler and All-rounder)

ICC Test Ranking Team

PositionTeam PointsRatings
6.Sri Lanka393592
8.W. Indies267581

ICC Test Ranking Batsmen

PositionTeam PlayerPoints
1.IndiaVirat Kohli928
2.AustraliaSteve Smith911
3.AustraliaMarnus Labuschagne827
4.N.ZealandKane Williamson814
5.AustraliaDavid Warner793
6.IndiaCheteshwar Pujara791
7.PakistanBabar Azam767
8.IndiaAjinkya Rahane759
.9EnglandJoe Root752
10.EnglandBen Stokes745

ICC Test Ranking Bowler

PositionTeam PlayerRating
1.AustraliaPat Cummins904
2.N.ZealandNeil Wagner852
3.W.IndiesJason Holder830
4.S.AfricaKagiso Rabada810
5.AustraliaMitchell Starc796
6.IndiaJasprit Bumrah794
7.EnglandJames Anderson783
8.IndiaRavi Ashwin772
9.S.AfricaVernon Philander772
10.IndiaMohammad Shami771

Test Ranking Allrounder

PositionTeam PlayerRating
1.W.IndiesJason Holder473
2.EnglandBen Stokes411
3.IndiaRavindra Jadeja406
4.S.AfricaVernon Philander323
5.IndiaRavi Ashwin308
6.AustraliaMitchell Starc298
7.AustraliaPat Cummins266
8.N.ZealandColin de Grandhome263
9.W. IndiesRoston Chase238
10.EnglandChris Woakes214

Test Ranking is nothing but is a table that shows the ranks of the international players based on their performance. These rankings calculated by the help of an algorithm.

ICC ODI Ranking

What have the factors come into consideration while calculating the ranking of a batsman in test matches?

1. Out / Not Out :-
if a batsman remains not out after the match completion so he gets some bonus points.

2. How much runs a batsman score:-
A batsman gets points on the base of their batting if a batsman scores more runs so he gets more points or vice-versa.

3. Against which team or bowler a batsman score runs:-
If a batsman scores more run against a strong opponent or against a strong bowler so he gets more points or vice-versa.
Example:- If a batsman score more runs against Zimbabwe or If a batsman scores run against Australia or India so he will definitely get more points than the batsman who scores more runs against zimbabwe.

4. Conditions:-
In which conditions a player score runs this also comes into consideration while calculating the ranking of a batsman. Suppose if a batsman scores run when his team was in a pressure situation so he will get more bonus rating points
If the team of that batsman wins the match in which the batsman scored more runs so in this situation also batsman gets more rating points or his rating points gets increases if he scored runs against a strong opponent or his team record win against a strong opponent.

5. High scoring or low scoring match:-
If in any match both the teams score more than 500 runs so the algorithm or computer consider that match as a high scoring match that’s why the batsman of both teams will not get more points. But, if in any match both the teams score 150 runs so a computer will consider this match is low scoring match and figure out that to score run in this match is difficult in these situations the batsman will get more rating points in the comparison of a high scoring match.

What have the factors come into consideration while calculating the ranking of a bowler in test matches?

1. Wickets were taken and Economy:-Suppose If Pat Cummins is getting 3 wickets by giving 50 runs in a high scoring match of 300 total runs. or If Mitchell Starc is getting 3 wickets by giving 50 runs but in a low scoring match of 150 total runs. So, Pat Cummins will get more rating points then Mitchell Starc since he gets 3 wickets plus with the economy of 5 runs per over, where Starc also take 3 wickets but in a low scoring match that’s why he will get low rating points in that match.

2. Rating of Batsmen:-
The rating of batsmen also plays an important role for bowlers to get high rating points. As we all know that in today’s era Virat Kohli and Steve Smith are one of the two best batsmen and higher in the ICC Rankings. So if any bowlers get the wicket of these high ranking batsmen will get high rating points in ICC Rankings.

3. How many overs a bowler bowl:-
If any bowler bowls a maximum number of overs in a match so he will definitely get the advantage of this and get high rating points even he takes a wicket or not.

4. Strength of opposition:-
Suppose if a bowler is getting wicket against the strong competitor and make his team win in a match so his rating points will get increases as he took the wicket against the strong opponent and also make their team win.

source:- ICC