Indian players who have donated the highest amount in the fight with Coronavirus:-

  • Indian players came forward for helping humanity to fight with coronavirus situations, with the high donation.

The world community’s fighting with the coronavirus epidemic has been prolonged. More than seven lakhs are infected with the disease worldwide and thousands of people have died so far.

All other sports, including cricket, are currently on hold. Players are locked in their homes. Lockdown is going on everywhere. In India too, many corona infections are found every day.

In this terrible situation, the Prime Minister addressed the country several times through social media and also appealed to give some amount for donation.

All kinds of people (Rich or Middle class) came forward with help. Some current and former cricketers of the Indian cricket team were also involved in this episode.

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He has also worked to support the country in the fight against the coronavirus by giving as much money as possible. Apart from the awareness message, money has inspired other people to donate something.

Cricket fans also expected donations from their favorite Indian players.

Here are some Indian players who have given the highest amount of donation in the Prime Minister’s Cares Fund to fight with coronavirus:-

4. Suresh Raina:-

Suresh Raina, who contributed a lot to the Indian team with his bat and fielding in so many matches, also came forward in this crisis. Raina, who played in the IPL from Chennai Superkings, gave a donation of Rs 52 lakh in the fight against the Coronavirus.

He gave Rs 31 lakhs to the Prime Minister’s Cares Fund. Apart from this, Raina also gave assistance of 21 lakh rupees to the Uttar Pradesh government. He wrote about it on his Twitter account.

3. Rohit Sharma:-

One of the Indian explosive batsman Rohit Sharma is known for his calm and compassionate nature. He gave a total of 80 lakh rupees in different funds. Rohit gave 45 lakhs RS. to the Prime Minister’s Cares Fund. Apart from this, he also announced on Twitter the grant of Rs 25 lakh to the Maharashtra government.

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Apart from this, five lakhs were also donated to an institution for providing food to the people at the time of Corona and five lakhs to an institution for serving dogs.

2. Gautam Gambhir:-

Former Indian player Gautam Gambhir and politician also came forward for the help of humanity in the covid19 situation. His cricket fans know he always does social welfare cause whenever he gets the opportunity.

He is known for his helping and compassionate nature. He assists 1 crore RS. from his MP LAD fund (Local Area Development) to the Delhi government. Additionally, Gautam Gambhir also gave assistance of 1 crore RS. from MP LAD fund and one month salary to the central relief fund.

Apart from this, he pledged 2 years of his salary to the Prime Minister Care Fund.

1. Virat Kohli:-

Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian team is currently the highest-earning player. People had great expectations of donations from him. His wife Anushka Sharma is an actress in the Bollywood film industry, so their fans were a peculiar donation from them.

Kohli and Anushka wrote through a post that our heart is broken and we will also give some help. Although they did not tell about the amount, according to some news reports, the two together have given an assistance of Rs 3 crore.