Most Double Centuries In Test Cricket

Making double century in Test cricket is never easy & because of the conditions & situations changes in Test cricket all the five days during the match. But there are many batsmen who scored the most double centuries in test cricket. Batting in Test cricket is more difficult as a comparison to ODI cricket. In Test cricket, you need good technique and patience to play long innings and score a double century.
But there are still many batsmen who have played good innings and convert their innings into the double hundred. Here is the list of batsman with most double centuries in test cricket.

Most Double Centuries In Test Cricket:-

10. Younis Khan (6 Double Centuries in 213 Innings)

On the tenth number, Former Pakistan’s right-handed batsman & captain Younis Khan he is one of the most successful Test cricketers from Pakistan, during his Test career, he has scored 10099 runs in 213 innings of 118 matches, including 34 centuries and 6 Double century. He has contributed a lot in the victory of Pakistan by playing many big innings in his career, he made his Test debut against Sri Lanka in 2000. Younis Khan is the highest run-scorer and century-maker in the history of test cricket from Pakistan.

9. Javed Miyadad (6 Double Centuries in 189 Innings)

At the ninth position there is another Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad who started his international career in 1975 and said goodbye to international cricket in 1996, he was considered to be Pakistan’s finest batsman in the cricket world, ESPN Cricinfo, described him as “the greatest batsman Pakistan has ever produced” and Ian Chappell of Australia described him as the best batsman in the history of cricket. Many times Miandad played a crucial role in the victory of Pakistan not just as a batsman but as a captain too.

8. Virender Sehwag (6 Double Centuries in 180 Innings)

Virender Sehwag, India’s most explosive and One of the most explosive batsmen of the cricket world is at number eight. He is always known for his explosive batting style. He played his first international match in 1999, let you know that Sehwag started his International career at number 7 batsman but after seeing his aggressive batting style, then the team captain Sourav Ganguly and the team management gave them an opportunity to open the batting
In April 2019, Sehwag became the first Indian player to be honored as the Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World for his performance in 2008.

7.  Marvan Samson Atapattu (6 Centuries in 156 Innings)

In this list we also have Sri Lanka’s Marvan Atapattu, who has played 17 years of international cricket for Sri Lanka, has shown that Atapattu’s Test career was very bad in initial matches, Even he didn’t open his account in his three initial test matches but went on to become one of Sri Lanka’s most prolific run-scorers of all time. Who scored 5502 runs in 156 innings of 90 matches, including 16 centuries and 6 double Centuries.

6. Mahela Jayawardene (7 Centuries in 252 Innings)

In this list, Mahela Jayawardene slipped at number six to five, as Virat Kohli scored his 7th double centuries in the minimum number of test innings as compare to Jayawardene. Jayawardene is one of the modern greats of batsmen, especially due to his mastery of playing spin bowling. He started his Test career in 1997, In 2006 he Made the record of making the most runs (374) in an innings of a test match from Srilanka. Along with this he became the first batsman to score ten thousand runs in Test cricket for Sri Lanka. In his Test career, he has scored 11814 runs in 252 innings of 149 matches, in which 34 centuries and 7 double centuries.

5. Virat Kohli (7 Centuries in 145 Innings)

India’s rising batsman Virat Kohli is at number five, who has been in constant discussion since the last few years due to his good performance, he makes a new record in almost every match where the legendary batsmen like Jayawardene have made 7 double centuries in the maximum number of matches and innings where Virat Kohli took only 145 innings to reach the same milestone.

4.  Wally Hammond (7 Centuries in 140 Innings)

English batsman Water Hammond stood at number 4, in this list, he has played 634 matches in first-class cricket of England and has scored 50551 runs but he got the chance to play international cricket for England against South Africa in 1927, He was not only a promising batsman, but he has done a lot with his bowling as well. He has scored 7249 runs in 140 innings of 85 matches in England in his international career, including 22 centuries and 7 double centuries.

3. Brain Lara (9 Centuries in 232 Innings)

One of the great test batsmen of the West Indies, & Cricket world had Brian Lara is at number three in the list of the most number of a double century. He has played Total 131 matches during his international career and scored 11,953 runs in 232 innings, including 34 centuries and 9 double centuries. Lara made a world record to score the maximum runs in a single test match. He scored 400 not out against England at Antigua in 2004. and he also won many honored awards as well.

2. Kumar Sangakkara (11 centuries in 232 innings)

Kumar Sangakkara is at number two in this list, who has scored 11 double centuries in 233 innings in his international career. Kumar Sangakkara is not just Sri Lanka but one of the greatest cricket batsmen in the cricket world. Sangakkara has also made several records in partnership with his fellow teammate Mahela Jayawardene He was also a good wicket-keeper along with a good batsman. In this list, Kumar Sangakkara is at number 2 and the top run-scorer in test cricket from Sri Lanka.

1. Donald Bradman (12 Double centuries in 80 innings)

This Legendary batsman from Australia is also said to be the Don of Cricket because he had different style play, he was the only batsman whose average score was 99.94 if he could not get out on 0 in the last match of his cricket career. Then his average could have 100. You will be surprised to know that Don has made a total of 29 centuries during his Test career, out of which he crossed 150 runs in 19 times, while double century 12 times, this can be traced to why he called Don of Cricket

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