Most Runs In T20 Cricket

As we all cricket fans know t20 cricket format is the shortest form of cricket, it was started in 2005. The first-ever t20 match played on17 February 2005 between NewZealand and Australia in which Australia defeated NewZealand.

Gradually the game started growing rapidly among the cricket fans and the competition also increases among the cricketers and teams.

T20 format of cricket is never easy to play because of the pressurized situations and to score most runs in t20 cricket also never easy. But, there are few batsmen who scored most t20 run in their career.

Like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, MArtin Guptill, Shoaib Malik and so on. Virat Kohli is the only player who has the 50 plus average in all three formats of cricket. While Rohit Sharma is the only batsman who scored more number of centuries (04) in t20 cricket.

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So here we have a list of 10 batsmen with most runs in t20 cricket:-

10. Aron Finch (Australia):-

In the list of most runs in t20 Australian Captain Aron Finch is at the 10th position. He has an excellent strike rate of 155.87.

He played 61 total t20 matches and scored 1989 run in t20 with 2 centuries and 12 half-centuries with an average of 155.85. He is one of the most explosive batsmen in not even t20 cricket but in ODI’s as well.

Matches – 61
Runs – 1989
Strike-rate – 155.85
Best – 172
Half Centuries – 12
Century – 2

09. Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan)

In the list of most t20 runs, the former captain of Pakistan Mohammad Hafeez is in the 9th position. He has scored 1992 runs in 91 matches with the highest score86. He has scored 11 half-centuries with the strike rate of 120.47 but still has to make his maiden century.

Matches – 91
Runs – 1992
Strike-rate – 116.2
Best – 84
Half Centuries – 11

08. Paul Sterling (Ireland)

Ireland has become now the full associate member of ICC so they started playing mire number of matches with other ICC teams. Well, In this list of most t20 runs Former captain of Ireland Paul Sterling is in the 8th position. He is a good player of t20 cricket with a good strike rate of 139.27. He has played 78 t20 matches and scored 2124 runs which include 18 half-centuries and the highest score is 95 against the West Indies.

Matches – 78
Runs – 2124
Strike-rate – 139.2
Best – 95
Half Centuries – 18

07. Eoin Morgan (England)

In this record of most runs in t20 cricket, we have England t20 captain Eoin Morgan is in 7th rank. He has played 89 t20 matches and scored 2138 runs with an average of 30.98. Which includes 13 half-centuries with the best of 91 runs against New Zealand. he also has a pretty decent strike rate of 137.4.

Matches – 89
Runs – 2138
Strike-rate – 137.4
Best – 91
Half Centuries – 13

06. Brendon Mccullum (New Zealand)

He is one of the finest openers and fielders in the cricket world. Brendon Mccullum the former plyer & captain of New Zealand is in the 6th rank with 2140 runs in 71 matches with a decent average of 35. 66. He scored 13 centuries & 2 centuries in his t20 career.

Matches – 71
Runs – 2140
Strike-rate – 136.21
Best – 123
Half Centuries – 13
Century – 2

05. David Warner (Australia)

David Warne from Australia is in the 5th rank in this list of most t20 runs. He is one of the most explosive batsmen in t20 cricket which you can know by looking at his strike rate of 140.48, as like his teammate Aron Finch. Warner has scored 2207 runs in 79 matches which includes 17 half-centuries and maiden century which is his highest score as well in t20 cricket (100*).

Matches – 79
Runs – 2207
Strike-rate – 140.48
Best – 100*
Half Centuries – 17
Century – 1

04. Shoaib Malik (Pakistan)

One of the finest players of Pakistan is at number 4 in this list and the player who has played the most number of t20I. He has played 113 matches and scored 2321 runs with 8 half-centuries and a decent average of 31.36.

Matches – 113
Runs – 2321
Strike-rate – 124.18
Best – 75
Half Centuries – 8

03. Martin Guptill (New Zealand)

Martin Guptill former New Zealand captain is at number 3 in this tally. He has played 88 t20 matches and he scored 2536 runs with an average of 32.51, which includes 15 half-centuries and 2 centuries with the highest score 105 against Australia. He is considered one of the finest fielders as well in t20 cricket along with batsmen.

Matches – 88
Runs – 2536
Strike-rate – 134.60
Best – 105
Half Centuries – 15
Century – 2

02. Rohit Sharma (India)

Rohit Sharma is one of the most dangerous players in t20 cricket. As he has the potential to end the match single-handedly. He is at the 2nd number in this rank. He is the man with the maximum number of centuries in t20 Internationals (04).

He has played 108 t20 matches and scored 2773 runs which include 21 half-centuries and 4 centuries with his best score is 118.

Matches – 108
Runs – 2773
Strike-rate – 138.78
Best – 118
Half Centuries – 21
Century – 4

01. Virat Kohli (India)

On the top of this record is none other than Virat Kohli the captain of the Indian cricket team. He is at the top in many other records in all three formats of cricket. He also has a record of plus 50 average in all three formats of the game.

He has played 82 t20I matches and scored the most t20 run i.e, 2794 with an excellent average of 50.08 which includes 24 half-centuries but he has not made his maiden century in t20I yet.

Matches – 82
Runs – 2794
Strike-rate – 138.24
Best – 94*
Half Centuries – 24