Tim Paine no Aussie player ease with Kohli to save IPL contracts

Tim Paine came upon Michael Clarke’s comment regarding Aussie’s team players and Kohli:-

Two days ago, former Australia captain Michael Clarke said during a talk with “Big Sports Breakfast” that the Australian players scare and do not sledge Virat Kohli to save their IPL contracts.

But Australia’s Test captain Tim Paine came upon Michael Clarke’s comment “there is nothing that Australian current players scare from Virat to save their IPL contract. However, the Australian cricket team does not want to provoke and sledge Virat Kohli unnecessarily”.

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Tim Paine denied this statement of Clarke, “that the Australian side had sucked up” to Kohli in protecting their IPL contracts additionally, Paine said during the 2016-17 series, it was our tactical decision not to occupy Virat Kohli in any type of verbal things other than this there was no reason behind it.

At the same time, he said that I did not notice any player of our team has a concession with Kohli or does not try to get him out. “Paine told to ESPNcricinfo”.

“I think any bowler of my team whenever had a ball in his hands or when we batted, every one of us always trying to get the game triumph. And I don’t think any of our players have eased them. We don’t want to provoke them just because we feel that if we do, he (Virat) plays much better”.

In October 2020, India has to go for a tour of Australia, which will go on till January 2021. In which 4 Test matches, 3 One Day and 3 T20s will be played.

On this, Tim Paine said that who knows what will happen in this series. As we saw in the last series, there was a tough fight between both the teams. But IPL is not a big thing for me at the moment, so I have nothing to lose. “Tim Paine Said”

“And whenever my team gets to play a Test match with India, every one of our bowlers will give their best when they will on run to bowl Virat Kohli irrespectively thinking about the IPL contract”.

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In November 2014, when there was a big scandal of ball tempering with the Australian team, Clarke tried to correct the image of the Australian cricket team by saying that the national team “won’t win a game” by “worrying about being liked”.

Paine said that if you want to win any match, then you have to perform verbally you can not win any game.

Whatever you say to each other player on the field is 99% Irrelevant. Sometimes you will provoke opponent or enter into his mind for a while but if you are not able to bat well or bowl then all the talks do not make any sense.

There is no doubt that our prominent focus is on the skills or strategies execution and will remain as good as possible but sometimes you get the circumstances on the cricket fields which heaped you into the matter and need to change your plans and strategies or you have to exchange few words as well.

As we can see, in the last 12 to 18 months, we fight as hard as any Australian team and we are proud of the kind of cricket we have played.