World Cup Points Table

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world cup points table updated till the last match:-

TeamsMat.Won LostTieNRPts.NRR
S. Africa404010-0.952

World Cup Points Table & Standings:-

As you all know, the Cricket World Cup has begun in England and Wales from May 30, 2019. In which top 10 International Cricket teams have participated.

World Cup Table: –

As you all know, in the World Cup 2019, a total of 10 teams have participated. The group stage format is a round-robin, which means that a team will have to play one match against all the 9 teams in the league stage and total of 9 matches will be played by a team.

This kind of World Cup format has been also introduced in 1992 though that tournament featured nine teams instead of ten.

And in this Cricket World Cup, a total of 45 matches will be played among all ten teams at the league stage but overall 48 matches will be played including semi-finals and final and the top four teams will qualify for the semi-finals (knockout stage).

World cup standings (Points will allot in this manner):-

If a team wins 2 points
If a team lose0 points
If match tied1 point each
If match abounded1 point each

If one or more team points are worn after the league matches end, then the team who has won more matches in the league stage will be placed in the points table.


If the still teams get tie, then the net run rate (NRR) points will consider and whichever team would have the higher run rate (NRR) points will get the higher rank in the world cup table.

But if still, the team gets a tie , then the team which has won more games in head to head competition among them will get higher rank in world cup points table (if still, the team gets tie then the net run rate (NRR) of these head to head matches will be considered).

If the above rules fail to resolve the world cup standings problem then the teams will be ordered as per their League Stage seedings.

If all matches in the League Stage produce no results the teams will be ordered as per their League Stage seedings and the top 4 seeded teams will progress to Semi-Finals.



Any team who wins in the semi-finals will qualify in the final if the semi-final match between the two teams gets to tie or draws, then the decision will be made by the super over and (1 over the game will happen).

If the match does not result in super over or the match gets abounded due to any reason, then the team whose position is higher in the points table will qualify for the finals.



Whichever team will win the final will be declared the champion of the World Cup 2019 but if the match between two teams is concluded as a draw, then the teams shall compete in the super over.

But if the result of the match still gets tie or draw, or If the match gets abounded or fails to complete due to any reason then the World Cup 2019 trophy will be shared and both the teams will be considered the winner